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Battery & Physical Life

Energy Consumption

miniK10 has 10 times longer battery life than many electronic locker locks thanks to its locking system.

miniK10 has the world record with 10 years of physical life with one button battery.

Usage Option

Individual & Multiple

Possibility to select individual or multiple usage and facility-specific usage with the usage option activated from the program menu.

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Weight and Sizes

It is very small that miniK10 is only 8.5 cm and 71 gr weight. It is miniK (small) but has great added value.

Hopinlock Feature


You can perform all opening-locking or managing operations with hopinlock application downloaded to your mobile device. In order to perform the selected command, holding your mobile device to your lock shall suffice.
It is very easy to manage thousands of locks.

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Easy Assembly

Only two holes are necessary for the assembly of miniK10. miniK10 which can be applied to four directions is ideal for mail boxes.

Application Fields

Kilitronik products whose motto is “everywhere with a locker” can be easily assembled to wooden, metal, plexy, glass covers.

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Assembly Options

You can apply surface assembly or flush-assembly as you wish. It is very easy with the assembly templates.


It is time to get rid of your old locks. Change your locks without changing your doors

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